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BAIC BJEV releases North America Technical Innovation Strategy

DETROIT – BAIC BJEV, the electric vehicle arm under BAIC Group and one of China’s leading EV manufacturers, announced at a recent event organized by the company that its North America technical innovation strategy will be centered on two overseas R&D centers in Silicon Valley and Detroit, which will respectively

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Executives look to the future of NEVs after record 2015

The 6th Global New Energy Vehicle Conference (GNEV 6) organized by d1ev.com was held on January 15-17 in Guangzhou. Faced with irreversible trends of electrification, intellectualization, light weight and car-sharing, executives from OEMs and suppliers, industry experts and government officials came together to discuss the future roadmap of NEV development.

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BAIC EV R&D Center Silicon Valley established

BAIC EV R&D Center Silicon Valley, China’s first overseas R&D center of new energy vehicles, was established on August 21, a milestone in BAIC BJEV’s strategy of globalization, according to a company news release. Affiliated to BAIC BJEV Engineering Research Institute, the R&D center employs over 20 people in the

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BAIC BJEV teams up with Sinopec for building charging facilities

BEIJING – BAIC BJEV signed a strategic agreement on July 3 with Sinopec Beijing Oil Products Company on building vehicle charging and battery swap stations at gas stations of the latter, reported d1ev.com. This will resolve insufficient land resource problem in building the battery swap stations and improve efficiency of

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Chen Bin: Industry policy may not be necessary in NEV sector

China’s long-existing automotive industry policy needs adjustments and may not be necessary in the new energy vehicle sector, according to Chen Bin, executive vice president of China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF). “We can gradually eliminate the industry policies, first in the NEV sector and commercial vehicle sector and then traditional

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BEVC strengthens cooperation with Xiezhong International Holdings

Beijing Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (BEVC) controlled by BAIC Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xiezhong International Holdings Ltd. based in Hong Kong on July 31 to jointly develop HVAC systems for new energy vehicles, according to a report on Takungpao.com. Zheng Gang, president of BEVC, said that the

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