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Low-speed EVs on high note after MIIT comment and Zhidou approval

  The low-speed electric vehicle (LSEV) is getting a major boost after the approval of one of the leading and most prominent LSEV manufacturers and an official response on their future administration), both coming from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which oversees the production approval of automobile

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Blame or mocking ca’t solve the problem of “rubbish” EVs

A recent article titled “Why I believe all EVs are rubbish” went viral online and in WeChat’s friend circle. The author, once a fan of EV toys during his childhood times, admits he now hates EVs to death. He says his expectations are lowered drastically when choosing an EV because

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China’s subsidy for e-buses likely to be cut by 50 percent

China will adjust the subsidies for new energy vehicles and those for pure electric buses (6-10 meters) may be cut by 50 percent, according to evpartner.com, a Chinese website on new energy vehicles. The government decision is revealed in its guidelines for new energy vehicle subsidies for the 13th Five-Year

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Zhang Liping: China should give priority to micro EV development

At the 2015 China Auto Internet+ Innovations Gala held in Guangzhou on November 18, executives from OEMs, suppliers and mobility service providers discussed NEV product, charging infrastructure and mobility service development in China. Following are highlights of the event. – Editor China should give priority to development of micro EVs,

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Do-Fluoride to supply batteries to Xindayang and Nanjing King Long

Do-Fluoride (Jiaozuo) New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shenzhen-listed Do-Fluoride Chemicals Co., Ltd., inked deals with Shandong Xindayang Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. and Nanjing King Long Coach Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for supplying them with lithium batteries, announced Do-Fluoride on September 22. Do-Fluoride will provide 40,000 units of 144V

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