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Dongfeng removes president because of graft probe

WUHAN, Hubei – Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. said in a statement on November 25 that it had removed Zhu Fushou from the position of president and authorized representative effective immediately. Li Shaozhu, an executive director, has been appointed authorized representative to succeed Zhu. Zhu Yanfeng, chairman of Dongfeng, will

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Zhu Fushou: China’s automotive industry will grow no more than 7 percent

China’s automotive industry will grow no more than 7 percent this year, said Zhu Fushou, president of Dongfeng Motor Corp. (DFM), at the Global Automotive Forum 2014 held in Wuhan, Hubei Province on October 16. “China sold 17 million vehicles in the first nine months of the year, up 7

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Chinese automakers, suppliers encouraged to go global

  By David E. Zoia WUHAN, China – International expansion is a consistent theme here at the Global Automotive Forum, where Chinese automakers and suppliers are being encouraged to venture into new markets but cautioned to do it the right way. "Going global is very important for Chinese automakers," Wang

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Zhu Fushou: mild growth in the next decade

Zhu Fushou, president of Dongfeng Motor Corp. (DFM), discussed future prospects of China’s auto market, the company’s cooperation with multinational automakers and its efforts in building independent brands during an interview with Cheng Yuan, a veteran automotive journalist. DFM is China’s 2nd largest state-owned automaker directly administered by the central

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Dongfeng’s acquisition of Fujian Motor in jeopardy

Dongfeng Motor Corp. (DFM), China’s second largest automaker, may halt its acquisition of Fujian Motor Industry Group Co., a provincially-governed state-owned automaker based in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, reported Zhongguo Jingying Bao (China Business Journal) citing a person close to Fujian Motor on May 27. DFM has not given priority to

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Dongfeng unveils four local brand models

BEIJING – Dongfeng unveiled four local brand models, including the Dongfeng No. 1 concept, L60 concept, AX7 SUV and Joyear S50. “The Dongfeng No. 1 is Dongfeng’s first generation local model in the high-end passenger vehicle segment, representing Dongfeng’s independent R&D capability and advanced technological strength,” said Zhu Fushou, president

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