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Technology for autonomous cars ready by 2019-20

CHONGQING – Chinese OEMs are tightening their belts to acquire the requisite technology to meet the government’s push for electric vehicles. The time for autonomous vehicles is still away by another decade. The major OEMs are investing heavily into technology by acquisitions or opening R&D centers overseas and hiring huge

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Pivoting to a new round of development: GAF discusses industry future in Chongqing (I)

CHONGQING – More than 900 people attended the 7th annual meeting of the Global Automotive Forum (GAF 2016) on June 6-7 here for the second consecutive year. GAF 2016, organized by CCPIT-Auto, discussed the theme of Pivoting to a New Round of Development – China Opportunities: The 13th Five-Year Plan

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Zhu Huarong: Chinese brands need to improve on profit, not just for applause

Chinese auto brands have won applauses recently, but still they are unprofitable, according to Zhu Huarong, president of Chang’an Automobile Co., Ltd. “Chinese brands should strengthen their own competitive capabilities to become profitability through various ways, which is vital for their development, said Zhu. “Chang’an’s 1.5 million sales bring meager

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Chang’an Auto to launch 34 NEV models in 10 years

CHONGQING – Chang’an Auto plans to invest ¥18 billion ($3 billion) in new energy vehicle development and launch 27 pure electric vehicles and seven plug-in hybrid vehicles in the upcoming 10 years, said Zhu Huarong, president of Chang’an Auto, at the company’s new energy vehicle strategy release conference held on

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Chang’an to export cars to Iran by yearend

CHONGQING – Chang’an Auto, a Chinese automaker headquartered in the southwestern city of Chongqing, plans to export cars to Iran by the end of the year, a further step in pushing forward the company’s overseas expansion strategy, reported Chongqing Economic Times, citing information from Chang’an International Corp. Partners in Iran

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