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Up 0.19 percent: China PV end-user sales return to positive growth in January-September 2017

According to data from CBU Analytics, China’s registration volume of passenger cars, MPVs and SUVs in the first three quarters of 2017 reached 16.3 million units, up 0.19 percent year-on-year, finally returning to positive growth territory after cumulative sales growth had decreased through to August. Passenger vehicles with engine displacement of 1.6L and below increased gradually and took up 64.77 percent of the total PV registration volume. In September, PV registration volume increased 3.36 percent to 2.27 million units. 

In the first three quarters, Chinese brand passenger vehicle end-user sales increased 3.71 percent, with SUVs taking up just about 60 percent of the volume. German brands increased 4.06 percent, Japanese brands increased 10.79 percent and British brands increased 34.75 percent driven by SUVs while Swedish brand Volvo Cars increased 24.11 percent. However, Korean, French and American brands fell 37.46, 29.04 and 2.2 percent respectively, while Czech brand Škoda decreased 18.52 percent.

During January-September, the top 10 Chinese groups by passenger vehicle end-user sales were SAIC, Dongfeng, FAW, Chang’an, GAC, BAIC, Geely, Great Wall, Brilliance and Chery. Their combined sales reached 14.71 million units, up 0.25 percent, accounting for 90.25 percent of the total PV registration volume.

Geely Group sales surged 60.95 percent, with its namesake brand increasing 63.27 percent and locally-produced Volvo models increasing 25.35 percent.

Driven by the Trumpchi brand, Jeep’s locally-produced SUVs and GAC-Mitsubishi SUVs, sales of GAC Group increased 17.12 percent, while Brilliance Group sales increased 10.01 percent powered by BMW’s locally-produced models.

SAIC Group sales increased 3.69 percent powered by SAIC’s Chinese brand models. Great Wall sales increased 2.26 percent.

However, Dongfeng Group sales decreased 6.99 percent year-on-year, with French brands, Kia and all Dongfeng’s namesake brands sales dropping, except Japanese brands’ growth.

Chang’an Group sales decreased 14.20 percent, with all Chang’an brand’s sales dropping.

BAIC Group sales decreased 14.73 percent, with locally-produced Hyundai models dropping 36.09 percent and BAIC’s Chinese brand dropping 23.94 percent but locally-produced Mercedes-Benz models increasing 35.97 percent.

Chery Group sales decreased 6.39 percent.  

From January to September, the top 10 passenger vehicle brands in end-user sales were Volkswagen, Honda, Toyota, Buick, Geely, Nissan, Chang’an, Baojun, Ford and Haval. Their combined sales reached 8.78 million units, up 6.66 percent, accounting for 53.88 percent of the total PV registration volume.

Geely brand sales reached 742,898 units, up 63.27 percent. Sales of SAIC-GM-Wuling’s Baojun brand reached 647,760 units, up 45.29 percent. Haval brand sales increased 5.44 percent, while Chang’an brand sales were down 7.95 percent.

For sales of foreign brands, Volkswagen brand went down slightly by 1.79 percent to 2.12 million units, Honda up 15.98 percent to 1.02 million units, Toyota up 11.29 percent to 897,598 units, Nissan up 6.25 percent, while American brands Buick and Ford were down 5.50 and 14.97 percent respectively.

New energy passenger vehicle sales recovered with stronger growth in first three quarters. The top 10 brands by new energy passenger vehicle end-user sales were BYD, BAIC, Roewe, Zhidou, Chery, JAC, JMC, Chang’an, Geely and Tesla. Their combined sales reached 173,416 units, up 19.83 percent, accounting for 87.36 percent of the total new energy passenger vehicle registration volume.

BYD brand sales reached 33,115 units, down 42.33 percent. Sales of BAIC brand reached 30,854 units, up 72.17 percent. Zhidou, Chery, JMC and Chang’an brand NEV registration volume all increased by more than 100 percent.

Tesla sales topped 10,000 units in China in a year for the first time, increasing 82.76 percent to 10,640 units.

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