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Valeo wins R&D award for high definition LED smart lighting technology at the Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams

PARIS – At the ceremony for the 2019 Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams, held at MEDEF’s headquarters in Paris on December 16, Valeo won the R&D award for its PictureBeam Monolithic technology, the first high definition LED smart lighting solution. This innovative technology will be available on the market from 2022 and will significantly improve road safety at night.

Organized by the France China Committee and backed by the French Ministry of Economy and Finance, the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in France, the Innovation Awards for Franco-Chinese Teams aim to recognize and reward the innovative excellence of joint projects developed by French and Chinese bicultural teams, whether in companies, universities or laboratories. The jury is chaired by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS).

Capable of projecting around 4,000 pixels onto the road from a single lighting module, PictureBeam Monolithic produces a very wide beam of light, for an optimal field of vision, and offers the best anti-glare function available to date.

Thanks to Valeo, the world leader in car lighting systems, this new technology also improves the driver’s nighttime visibility of pedestrians, cyclists and obstacles on the road. If the vehicle’s cameras detect a pedestrian, for example, the lighting system automatically shines more light on the surrounding area, enhancing visibility without blinding the pedestrian.

PictureBeam Monolithic also offers driving assistance functions, thanks to its ability to create road markings. The headlamps can be used, for example, to trace the various bends in the road, improving both safety and driving comfort.

In 2018, Valeo’s Research and Development expenditure amounted to €2.07 billion, or almost 13 percent of the Group’s original equipment sales. Valeo has 59 R&D centers worldwide and some 20,000 R&D engineers among its 113,000 or so employees. Innovation is without a doubt the driving force behind the Group’s growth, with innovative products (those that didn’t exist three years ago) representing 53 percent of total order intake in 2018.

Valeo recently opened the Valeo Wuhan Technical Center Phase II, further boosting Valeo’s local development capabilities of hardware and software technologies in autonomous driving and ICVs, including ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radars, LiDARs, smart cockpits, remote information processing platforms and related ECUs, integrated ECUs and domain controllers.

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