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Wang Jie appointed vice president of BYD

SHENZHEN – BYD Co., Ltd. has appointed Wang Jie as vice president of the company, according to an announcement of company’s board meeting on March 17.

The tenure of Wang starts from the date of this board meeting to the end of the session of this board of directors.

Wang was born in 1964 and graduated from Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology with a bachelor’s degree in engineering in 1988. He joined BYD in September 1996 and has served numerous positions with the company including sales manager, sales director, vice director of sales and marketing department, and director of commercial vehicle sales department. Prior to that, he worked with Jiaxing Metallurgical Machinery Factory under the Ministry of Metallurgy.

BYD announced on the same day that Wang indirectly holds BYD A shares through company’s employee stock ownership plan and he is not affiliated with company majority shareholders, actual company control persons, company shareholders with more than 5 percent equity stocks, board directors, supervisors and senior executives. Moreover, Wang has never been punished by China Securities Regulatory Commission and relevant departments as well as stock exchanges.

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