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WAVE 2017: China to speed up development of ICVs

SHANGHAI – China will speed up development of intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs), according to Xin Guobin, vice minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

Xin made the comments in a speech at the 2017 World Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem (WAVE) Conference held in Shanghai on November 6-7, pointing out that the development of ICVs has become the consensus of many countries and China will speed up its development.

The development of ICVs in China has the better foundation and strategic advantages. First, China’s new energy vehicles have developed rapidly and achieved remarkable results, and the number and quality of Chinese brand vehicles have improved significantly, which laid a solid foundation for the development of ICVs. Second, there are some Chinese enterprises that have international leading advantages in 5G and LTE-V technologies, which can provide the support for enhancing the information technology industry of ICVs. Third, China can coordinate the infrastructure construction of communication, navigation and road network and provide a strong institutional guarantee. Fourth, China as the largest auto market in the world can provide a great space for the development of Chinese brand ICVs.

In order to solve some problems about developing ICVs and create a development environment in favor of them, Xin said that China would make efforts in four aspects. Firstly, establish and improve the standard system of ICVs and promote the revision of road traffic laws applicable to ICVs. Second, build a new generation of wireless communication networks covering the whole country and promote the establishment of an open large data platform to achieve connectivity between vehicles, roads, people and cloud platforms. Third, strengthen the operational safety design and supervision of ICVs. Finally, carry out more international exchanges and cooperation in the field of the generic technology and test demonstration of ICVs and build international cooperation bases and joint research centers.

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