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Webasto appoints Freddy Geeraerds as new Global Board Member responsible for China

MUNICH – Webasto SE, the leading global supplier of sunroofs, panorama roofs, convertible roofs as well as thermo systems, has appointed Freddy Geeraerds as an additional member of the board responsible exclusively for China, effective November 1.

The announcement was made at its last Supervisory Board meeting and shows the growing importance of the world’s largest car market for Webasto.

Geeraerds started work in China in 1994, understands China culture, and is well acquainted with the China market and management. He has been responsible for Webasto roof business in China as of 2010 as China CEO and then for the overall Asia roof business since 2015.

“China is Webasto’s largest single market and a very dynamic one in which we have been very successful for many years and continue to see a lot of potential. To fully take advantage of additional market opportunities, Freddy Geeraerds as a member of the Management Board of Webasto SE takes over the coordination of all activities of Webasto group in China,” said Dr. Holger Engelmann, chairman of the Management Board, Webasto SE.

In fiscal 2016, Webasto Group generated sales of €3.2 billion, with China region share above 30 percent.

From 2012 until 2017, Webasto established and expanded plants in Guangzhou, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Baoding and Xiangyang, with a total of 11 locations in China. The company is expected to keep expanding manufacturing networks in China in the future with further investments as a global innovative system partner to the auto industry.

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