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Wei Jianjun: WEY to sell 250,000 SUVs in 2018, expand dealership count to 300

GUANGZHOU – Great Wall Motor plans to sell 250,000 SUVs under its luxury brand WEY and expand the number of dealerships for the luxury brand to 300 in 2018, according to Wei Jianjun, chairman of Great Wall Motor and founder of WEY.

Wei announced the plans in a speech at an event on November 15 in Guangzhou celebrating the one-year anniversary of the launch of the WEY brand.

As a luxury SUV brand, WEY had a remarkable performance and was highly recognized in the market for its product safety, brand recognition and enjoyable service in the past year. “Since the VV7 and VV5 were officially put into the market half a year ago, total sales have already exceeded 50,000 units,” said Jens Steingräber, CEO of WEY. Sales of the VV5 alone in November reportedly topped 10,000 units.

WEY will make 2018 the beginning of the new energy sector and focus on the development and manufacturing of plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles and the R&D of intelligent driving.

In the past five years, Great Wall Motor has developed a new energy vehicle platform Pi4, and WEY will launch its first plug-in hybrid SUV, the P8, in the first quarter of 2018 based on the Pi4. Meanwhile, Great Wall Motor is building the domestic largest autonomous driving and intelligent interconnected test site, which is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

Wei said that WEY would also launch its third model – the VV6 – in 2018 and achieve Level 4 autonomous driving capability in the next two years.

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