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WM Motor to develop vehicle information safety solutions with 360 Group

BEIJING – WM Motor announced it will cooperate with 360 Group to jointly develop vehicle intelligent network safety solutions.

WM Motor’s mass production vehicles in the future will be 100 percent connected with intelligent network systems, said Freeman Shen, founder, chairman and CEO of WM Motor, at an internet safety conference held in Beijing on September 12.

“We will deploy the intelligent network safety strategy in all areas including product, R&D, manufacture, promotion, distribution channel, operation and upgrade in order to provide seamless experience for our customers any time at any place,” said Shen. “The network safety in each area is particularly important, and therefore we will work together with 360 Group to develop information safety solutions for our first mass production vehicle,” Shen added.

Connected vehicles now have become the third largest mobile terminals after cell phones and computers. In addition to offering vehicle active and passive safety systems, WM Motor has made a set of network safety measures to increase the safety levels of the vehicle, cloud, communication and industrial internet. WM Motor has also established a joint intelligent network safety laboratory with 360 Group to test and upgrade its network safety measures using 360 Group’s technologies and experiences so as to produce safer and more reliable intelligent electric vehicles for consumers.

As a NEV startup and a mobility solution provider, WM Motor aims to make world-championship-level mainstream smart vehicles, and at the same time, provide new smart mobility solutions and services based on big data for new vehicles. By joining hands with 360 Group, WM Motor will be able to further enhance the information safety level of its mass production vehicle and advance its technologies in the development of vehicle intelligent network and industrial internet safety solutions and autonomous driving safety standards.   

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