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XCMG Indonesia Company put into operation

JAKARTA, Indonesia – Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Col, Ltd. (XCMG) held a ceremony to celebrate the opening of its Indonesia company here on May 30.

At the opening ceremony, Hu Xiangyang, vice general manager of XCMG Import & Export, explained the strategic plan and market layout of XCMG Indonesia Company. He said the setting up of Indonesia company aims to provide customers with more perfect all-in-one experience together with local dealers and promote XCMG’s sustainable development in the country, hence laying a solid foundation to promote XCMG brand products in the whole Asia-Pacific region.

Indonesia is one of XCMG Group’s most vital overseas markets. In recent two years, XCMG’s export volume to Indonesia increased at a pace of over 100 percent. By the end of 2016, market share of XCMG brand products including loaders, rotary drilling rigs, tower cranes and tunnel boring machines ranked the top spot among Chinese brand products in Indonesia.

XCMG has entered the Indonesia market for 25 years, and the establishment of the Indonesia firm will further enhance its footprint in the country.

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