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Xiong Qingyun appointed CMO of Xpeng Motors

GUANGZHOU – Smart EV startup Xpeng Motors has appointed Xiong Qingyun as CMO to be in charge of marketing and brand public relations, according to a company statement on November 27.

Xiong has worked at Procter & Gamble for 23 years and was once known as the first Chinese executive of P&G. She served as vice president of marketing and brand operations of P&G China to make Olay, Crest and Safeguard to be well-known brands in China.

Xiong joined e-commerce giant JD Group to be senior vice president in 2015. She helped promote the strategic transformation of JD brand upgrade and focused on “Quality Life” as the core advantage of JD e-commerce service.

Choosing to join Xpeng Motors, Xiong said that Xpeng Motors was the honest and pragmatic representative of internet car making enterprises in product schedule and iteration. She would lead her team to adopt different marketing ways to sell internet cars for young people.

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