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Yutong battery electric bus begins test operation in Cuba


HAVANA, Cuba – Yutong’s battery electric bus ZK6125BEVG11 recently began test operation to carry passengers on the No. 18 bus line in Havana, which need to run 225 km in one day and only be charged once every two days to meet operational requirements.

Yutong ZK6125BEVG11 has a battery capacity of 285 kWh, giving it a range of 250-300 km with top speed of 69 km/h. The waterproof class of its power battery system can reach the IP67 level and the average power consumption is only 0.84 kWh/km.

The test operation of ZK6125BEVG11 is expected to last for a year. In addition, Yutong will put another hybrid power bus ZK6125HEVG into test operation on the same bus line in Havana.

Yutong has entered into Cuba’s bus market for more than a decade and has been working to help improve local traffic. Cuba’s oil resources are strained and energy problems are severe, so the promotion of battery electric buses is conducive to improving the energy structure of Cuba and reducing energy costs and urban pollution. As Cuba’s loyal long-term partner, Yutong is responsible for the promotion of battery electric vehicles to build a resource-conserving and environmentally-friendly society in Cuba.

Yutong owns four production bases of buses, new energy buses, special buses and bus parts design and manufacturing, formed completed product chain, comprehensively covered each segment market and had a number of independent R&D techniques. In the overseas markets, Yutong has exported its products to more than 30 countries and regions and its global market share is more than 10 percent, making it one of the international mainstream bus suppliers.

In 2016, sales volume of Yutong’s new energy buses exceeded 26,000 units, which was a new energy bus annual sales record for a domestic bus company.

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