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Zhang Hailiang named global CEO of LeSEE, Ding Lei resigns

BEIJING – LeSEE announced on March 20 the appointment of Zhang Hailiang, current president and COO of LeSEE China, as its global CEO.

Zhang takes over the reigns from Ding Lei, who resigned on the same day due to health reasons, after serving 18 months on the post.

Zhang is a senior engineer with a doctoral degree. He joined LeSEE in April last year. Prior to that, he worked with SAIC-Volkswagen since 1994 and had served numerous positions in the joint venture including the JV president and president of SAIC-Volkswagen Sales.

Zhang has 22 years’ experience in the automotive industry. He is familiar with the operations of traditional automobile industrial chains including vehicle sales, service trade, supply chain, technology R&D and manufacturing as well as new emerging industries like NEVs, telematics, e-commerce, car-sharing and battery-charging.

Meanwhile, LeSEE announced on the same day that Niu Shengfu has joined the company as CTO of LeSEE China.

Before joining LeSEE, Niu worked with SAIC-Volkswagen for nearly 20 years with rich experience in vehicle development, division management and cross-culture communication. When Niu was executive director of SAIC-Volkswagen’s Technology Center, he contributed a lot to the independent R&D of the JV and successfully made the JV’s R&D department to be part of the global R&D system of Volkswagen Group.

Moreover, Niu also embarked on SAIC-Volkswagen’s construction and development of NEVs in 2008.

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